Preschool reduces risk of asthma – Environment


Researchers from the Institute for Labor Market Assessment and Educational Policies (IFAU) and University of Uppsala compared children living in 75 municipalities that before 2001 did not offer unemployed children in pre-school with children in 75 control municipalities where participation in activities preschoolers among unemployed children did not change with the change of law.

The study used registry data from 1995 to 2009, such as records of hospitalized patients and medication prescriptions to see if there were differences between groups' health development over time.

The results showed that the risk of having to seek hospital care was not affected by the availability of pre-school in children of two and three years, but that for four and five years there was a temporary increase in the risk of being hospitalized for infections.

That at the age of ten and eleven, there were no signs that children who had access to preschool needed more hospital care, but that ten- and eleven-year-olds who had access to preschool were, to a lesser extent, medicated for asthma and allergy.

Source: IFAU


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