Positive appeal report despite iPhone's weak numbers


IPhone sales fell 17% during the period and sales to the phone were just over $ 31 billion, slightly below analysts' tips.

Profit fell 16% compared to the same period last year to $ 11.6 billion. Earnings per share were $ 2.46, slightly higher than expected.

Sales for the period amounted to just over $ 58 billion, which also hit analysts' forecasts.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said it was positive for the next period and noted, among other things, a sharp rise in IPhone sales by the end of the second quarter. The technology giant also expects an agreement between the US and China, where the company has already begun to increase revenues, thanks to price adjustments and lower taxes on the iPhone.

Apple now has 390 million registered users and plans to reach half a billion by 2020.

Stocks rose in the aftermarket.

Expectations were low ahead of Apple's report. Earlier this year, Apple, for the first time in 15 years, narrowed its forecast due to weak sales trends for Iphone watches and smartphone sales are expected to continue to fall.


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