Police dogged pet intelligence in central Stockholm


It was during the night against Tuesday that the guard saw some gasoline people at Bromma airport. When the gasoline jolts suspected, they forced a gate and headed at high speed toward downtown Stockholm.

The guards were the first to follow, but in Kungsholmen the police took the hunt. The journey continued on Västerbron, Götgatan and further on Skanstullsbron. At Zinkensdamm, the vehicle drove several parked vehicles.

On the road 73 At the height of the globe, the vehicle drove into traffic and police stopped the hunt for security reasons.

"When they got off a wrong lane, it was too dangerous for the police to continue," says Kjell Lindgren of the regional police management center.

The car was found later abandoned on the Enskede farm. Police searched for suspected thieves with dogs in the area, but no results. At least two people were sitting in the vehicle.

"The car is in charge of the technical investigation, there are no suspects at the moment," says Kjell Lindgren.

A notice of serious negligence in traffic, damage and attempted theft has been established.


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