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Öland book created by duo: "Colorful book" – News in Öland – 24 hours a day


A warm friend and a man from Stockholm Oland during a week last year to collect information and photos about the island. This information that both have now compiled and created a unique book on Öland that is part of the series Swedish landscape colors and it's issue number ten. The creators behind the book are called Marja Lindblom and Lena Andersson.

We start in the south of Öland and zigzag towards the north of Öland. We try to find some different places to visit and then we find JACS-Museum that I did not know existed and that almost all the brown beans are from Öland was news to me, says Lena Andersson.

The book is available in Swedish and English.

– It is a colorful book that describes Öland, its landscape animal, landscape flower and various landscape symbols. It's postcard size and easy to hold in your pocket. There are many tourists from other countries who appreciate this.

Marja and Lena Together they made ten landscape books and now there are 15 landscapes left.

"There is no real plan on what landscapes can come. We jumped a little, but there will be a book about Smaland and it's an insanely rich content landscape, says Lena.

Book cover. Photo: Press the image.

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