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OA president speaks in Gothenburg – approaching left

There was no boycott. The vice president was there last year and LO investigators spoke at Left Party events in the past. Karl-Petter Thorwaldsson would like to narrow it down, but the fact is that the event is historic.

On Saturday, for the first time, an OA president speaks during Western Party ideas that this year, with the irony of history, will be held in Gothenburg.

– In Gothenburg, the conflict with the communists was the worst. The conflict over who would control local clubs locally was alive and dead until modern times, says Karl-Petter Thorwaldsson.

What does he mean Modern times may not be said. In the port of Gothenburg, the battle for the open curtain began last summer when Ham's workers 'union sued employer APM Terminals, which they considered to have violated the collective bargaining agreement reached by the union after a long and bitter conflict with the workers' union. Swedish shipping companies affiliated with OA.

However, it is hardly in the left wing that the LO today sees its main opponents. The decision to approach the Left Party is based on an analysis of the political situation in connection with the formation of the segregated government.

– We declared that all government constellations would start from the middle and the right side. There was a real risk of having the first right-wing government since the 1920s, and we talked to the OA board about the importance of keeping the debate on the left, so that not everything was about marginal tax cuts and middle-class problems. , but about very common problems for ordinary people.

That Karl-Petter Thorwaldsson Visiting the left days in Gothenburg is, according to the OA base, just a small part of that strategy.

– Today, we are concerned that every reform, every decision, everything that has happened in Sweden over the last 20 years will always favor those who have done very well. When marginal tax reduction is implemented at the turn of the year, it is six billion for those with an income of more than SEK 690,000 per year. We can imagine something that would be better for SEK 6 billion, he says.

The LO highlights three crucial issues for the future: increased housing construction, increased pensions and social welfare investments.

Thorwaldsson sees as someone Widespread concern about the future threatens Swedish society and says that the only way forward is to reduce gaps.

– I thought about that in Gothenburg – that many are brought into the arms of xenophobia. Those who are pessimists do not become leftist parties, but Swedish Democrats. We must ensure that municipalities receive resources to solve problems, otherwise you can ensure that the next reform is another tax cut.

With regard to LO, the damage may already have occurred. Just over a week ago, Expressen was able to present a Sifound survey showing that support for SD is now greater among LO members than support for social democrats.

"Hopelessness and pessimism," says Karl-Petter Thorwaldsson.

– A very large group thinks that Sweden is going in the wrong direction. LO's argument is that in the long run it is only with equality and justice that we can win back people from SD to the labor movement.

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