Norrtåg and the train company are rusting for the winter – here are the plans to offer the most satisfied travelers


Norrtåg train in Botniabanan south of Umeå. Photo: Peter Garpefjäll / image file

"The most important thing for our travelers is that the traffic is working and that you get clear information quickly so you know what is going on, or you can plan for disturbances. Norrtåg and the train company therefore make a number of important efforts to allow Although the Swedish Transportation Administration creates more fires, there will be a unit. That's why we also strengthen our ability to deal with wildlife accidents so that you, as a the least affected possible, "says Maria Höglander, CEO of Norrtåg AB, in a press release.

The Norrtåg measures and the train company performs includes:

► Traffic failure with the help of an expanded workshop to handle more newspapers, maintenance and repairs. Norrtag's largest investment since the start of a new workshop room in Umeå.

► Less travel needs to be established by hiring an extra train this winter and next year the fleet will be increased by three more trains.

► Reduce downtime after a game crash with new fronts on the train.

► More vehicles in transit through better workplace practices and more vehicles available for winter traffic.

► Better information for travelers.

In order to better meet the need for maintenance and repair and also a future increase in traffic, Norrtåg invests in a new room in the Umeå workshop. It is the company's largest investment since its start-up. According to the planning, the hall will be ready by December 2019 and the estimated cost is SEK 61 million.

Norrtåg and Train Company also rent an extra train this winter. By next winter, the fleet will be expanded by three other trains, one of which will be used as a reservation train. That means doubling the fleet of reservations and that fewer trips need to be established due to lack of vehicles.

Improving information for travelers is an important part of winter preparations, says Norrtåg AB. Faster decisions and new organizations are enacted and a new service is added to the management team to ensure that travelers, customer service and the entire team receive the same information at the same time.

A new system will be introduced which updates the text and the site directly. All to speed up information with travelers. You also strengthen customer service with an external player.

In connection with gambling accidents, stoppages and sometimes long delays occur. Even there, wanting to get ahead and shorten the time needed to clean and train after a game crash, the front of the train is equipped with a rubber cloth on the front and the front is divided into several smaller parts that can be repaired faster .

The maintenance plans of the vehicle will be modified so that more maintenance can be performed during the summer period. The train company introduced new routines that shorten the time the vehicle is in the workshop.

In addition to winter, you have also increased thawing capabilities. Now, three vehicles can be availed per night instead of as before.

Norrtåg AB and the Tågkompaniet has also imposed demands on the Swedish Transport Administration, which is responsible, inter alia, for the fact that the railways are passable and a set of fences:

► Increased snow removal and more and better snow removal vehicles.

► faster pace in extending the wild fence along the rails. It is unreasonable to expect trains to fall into accidents with wildlife while protecting all major roads.

Facts Norrtågstrafiken

Regional rail traffic in the northernmost counties travels from Storlien to Sundsvall, Umeå and Luleå, Kiruna / Narvik and, in the near future, Haparanda. The traffic is divided into six stretches totaling 150 kilometers of rails. Every month, about 140,000 people travel with Norrtåg for about 400 thousand kilometers. The traffic is carried out with four types of train and a total of 19 trains.

Facts Norrtåg AB

Norrtåg AB is a regional train company established in 2008 and is owned by the four northernmost regions / municipal councils. Norrtåg is a buyer and buyer of Norrtågstrafiken. Together with the owners, the company decides in a general plan how and under what conditions the different routes should be conducted. Norrtåg AB provides a vehicle and workshop in Umeå for the operator. Traffic is done under the Norrtåg brand.

Facts The train company

The operator Svenska Tågkompaniet AB was acquired as a traffic carrier and is the party that operates the traffic, has contact with customers and is responsible for the vehicles during the contract period. The maintenance of the vehicles is mainly done by Euromaint AB in Umeå on behalf of the Train Company. The railway company is a wholly owned subsidiary of NSB AS and is part of the NSB Group and currently operates the Northern Railway, X Traffic, Värmland Transport and Krösatågen as of December 9, 2018.


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