New vaccine registration to detect side effects


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Vaccine testing in Bangkok.  Archive photo.

Photo: Sakchai Lalit / AP / TT

Vaccine testing in Bangkok. Archive photo.

When a coronavirus vaccine arrives and the Swedes can start vaccinating, a national vaccine register will be established. Reports Swedish Radio Ekot.

The registry should compile information about who was vaccinated, when it occurred and which vaccine was administered and aims to speed up the discovery of possible and unusual side effects of the corona vaccine.

– We intend to link the information in the vaccination record with information from other health data records, Ulla Wändel Liminga, a scientific leader for drug safety at the Medical Products Agency, told radio.

The background of the record is to avoid, as far as possible, a situation similar to the Pandemrix vaccine scandal, when hundreds of children suffered narcolepsy after being vaccinated against swine flu.

– We cannot, with an approval when you have a few thousand patients, rule out that something can happen when you have vaccinated a million people. It is an impossibility to do it in advance, says Ulla Wändel Liminga.



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