Monday , October 18 2021

New continuation "Zelda" under development – Culture and fun


As in recent years at the E3 gaming fair, Nintendo chose to ignore expensive production and was content to submit a video presentation.

The company received something unexpectedly featuring the new game by the creator of "Doom", James Romero, which is being done in collaboration with the Swedish publisher Paradox. "Empire of Sin" is a strategy game that takes control of the underworld of Chicago during the ban. It is about recruiting your gang who can fight for you in battles based on order, or choose a more careful appearance. The spring of 2020 is launched.

More of the ghost hunting title "Mansion of Luigi" appeared, where Mario's brother checks in at a hotel where he is haunted. It will be possible to pick up various objects and become the green Gooigi, which is sensitive to water, but as a T1000 passes through the grid doors. You can work with a friend who then takes control of Gooigi.

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Anyone who wants to grow up and talk to animals should wait. New "animal crossing" is postponed until spring. Press Photo.

New versions for Switch

Switch's own Marvel title, "Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order," brings together a large number of superheroes who will face the evil Thanos. Rock showed an action-packed adventure.

In the new version, Nintendo showed more of the old Game Boy "Link's awakening", where it is possible to build their own caves with a modular system. Proponents of Japanese RPG games may begin to crave "Trials of Mana," a new 3D version of Supernintendo's "Seiken Densetsu 3" game released in Japan in 1995.

The next Netflix fantasy series, "The Dark Crystal", has its own game, is a turn-based strategy title.

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Nintendo and Netflix collaborate on a game for Netflix's next production, "The Dark Crystal." Press Photo.

The series of classic Konami games, "Contra", or "Probotector", as the series is also called, comes alive again. It is a fast action in third person view with a single player story and multiplayer modes. On September 26, it is released for consoles and PC.

New Fighting Fighters

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The earth is threatened in the "astral current." As a police force in a force, you must take control of an alien creature to fight against other alien creatures. Press Photo.

One disappointment was that the long-awaited "animal crossing" was delayed for next year. However, it has been shown how life on an island can be, when it should be sown and harvested, and everything else that pertains to peasant life.

Some new games, which have long been on other platforms, have received some attention, including "Resident Evil" 5 and 6, as well as "The Witcher 3". And Banjo and Kazooie and a "Dragon Quest" gang will be playable in the "Super Smash Ultimate" battle game.

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The Command in "Contra" is back, this time with a cyborg panda, in "Contra rogue corps". Press Photo.

The big news was that Nintendo ended up with a small trailer confirming that the Zelda gameplay "Breath of the wild" is under development. Both Link hero and Princess Zelda looked to the past, where they explored a cave, where it seemed that their enemy, Gandondorf, was brought to life.

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