Nervousness for Black Friday: "Let's see the Postnord"


In just a few years, Black Friday has become an ever stronger sales day for the trade. Last year, the Swedes traded a total of 5.3 billion kronor on Black Friday, according to Postnord data, which means that trade increased by 46% compared to 2016.

Now, approaching this year's Black Friday, which this year is November 23, and Postnord expects e-commerce to continue to grow. During Black Friday's weekend, the Postnord predicts that 900,000 packages will be shipped, compared to 719,000 in 2017, writes

For example, the Postnord takes 3,000 extra employees during the period, says Annemarie Gardshol, head of Postnord Sweden, in the Ekot interview on Saturday.

But last year the Postnord forecast for Black Friday failed and many package deliveries were late.

– Everyone was a bit shocked when we saw the huge storm plus packages. So we sat down right after the banquet last year and learned from it. So, this year we carry much more, says Annemarie Gardshol in the radio interview.

Per Ljungberg, CEO of Swedish digital commerce, however, has doubts that the additional efforts of the year will suffice:

"This year, the Postnord expects package volume to increase by 25% in the days after Black Friday. Given the relationship between sales growth and sales volumes, the forecast appears to be low," he writes in a press release.

At the same time, Per Ljungberg expects him to worry unnecessarily and he writes that he had more Postnord dialogue.

"However, I promise we will continue to highlight how PostNord and other logistics operators can handle deliveries in connection with Black Friday and the subsequent Christmas trade," writes Per Ljungberg.

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