Navigation arranges the Swedish rock collo


When the members of the group were younger, they themselves had taken part in the pop and rock collections and gave a lot.

"It gave us inspiration and it blows in the right direction. Now we can help others with the same thing," continues Moa.

What are the participants learning?

– Everything that matters with the industry. It's about playing, writing songs, forming bands and what you need to move on.

It is unclear which date the rock ballot will begin, but you started a few days before the hard rock festival.

– We even had a private view behind the scenes and it was much appreciated, notes the guitarist.

Meritorious name

This year, among other things, groups like Rainbow, Def Leppard and Kizz play. Thus, it may be suspected that Skövdetjejerna will probably stay and listen to a series of concerts.

You recently returned from a tour in South Korea, played at the Skövde rock festival and performed more extensively at the Västegötlands museum, and released a new album. How was the reaction to the dish?

"As good as it gets, and it's fun it's finally come out." We also get good attention on a variety of different media and websites, "continues Moa.

This summer, a new adventure for the members of the Navigation Collection awaits, but of course, much will happen by then.

See and hear, thank God it's Friday

See and hear the song One Time a Year


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