Motorola confirms that the foldable cell phone is in progress


Foldable phones are on the call at the moment and in recent days we have seen both the Samsung Galaxy Fold and the Huawei Mate X. Now, Motorola also decides to confirm that you have a foldable cell phone in progress.

"We've been working on foldable models for a long time," says Dan Dery, Motorola's global product manager, in an interview with Engadget Technology.

The interview shows that Motorola wants to protect the screen, in other words, the cell phone will be folded in and not out. So it's all about judging a sequel to the old bestseller Motorola Razr, something that is evidenced by leaked patent images.

According to Dery, you do not want to be left behind, which should mean that a release is at most a few months away.


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