More expensive to celebrate summer solstice – News


The price of potatoes bought in bulk rose 27% between May 2018 and May this year. A certain seasonal effect is always observed at this time of year when the first fresh potato is released, but this does not justify the total price increase.

We are still affected by the dry summer of last year. The potato harvest was low, there was a small winter potato until 2019 and it still affects price levels, says Marcus Widén, senior economist at SEB.

Vegetable prices have risen 35% since April last year.

So it is normal that the prices of certain goods, such as fresh potatoes and strawberries, are even higher at the beginning of the season and around the party, as there is a particularly large focus on these products.

More expensive cereals

For many years, food has been a category in which price increases have generally been greater than the overall price developments, according to Marcus Widén, and have been for many years. But last year's drought is a bit extra in several products.

Grain prices have gone, which has also affected the price of hard bread, which is about five percent more expensive this year than last year. Beer prices have also risen. The price of light beer increased by six percent and popular beer increased by just over three percent.

Low milk range

A low supply of milk internationally for some time has increased pressure on dairy products, especially greasier products such as butter and cream, which require large amounts of milk.

Now there is a high rate of increase of oils and fats, from five to seven percent per year. But at the same time, it is less than a year ago when the growth rate was 20%, says Marcus Widén.

Some goods go up against the flow and sink slightly. This applies, for example, to canned hard cheese and herring, which fell by 0,6% and 0,5%, respectively, in the price.

When it comes to fishing in general, it's a relatively high price increase and that's where herring really stands out this year. It's the price of fresh fish that came out in 2019, says Marcus Widén.


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