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Kamyar Ako stands and stands opposite the entrance to the Saab arena. In his hands, he holds a stack of documents from the organization with information on the conflict between Turkey and Syria and Sweden's arms exports. In addition to two friends of Kamyar Ako, he is completely empty out of the arena. The demonstration should have been at the main entrance of the Saab in Tannefors, but a misunderstanding meant that the protesters went to the Saab arena.

"There were more people here before, but they went home quickly," says Ako.

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At 16:30 the demonstration consisted of three people.

During the day, demonstrations were organized in various cities of Sweden. The message is that Sweden will no longer sell arms and military equipment to Turkey, which the organization regards as an undemocratic country. In particular, in the conflict between Turkish and Kurdish forces in the Rojava area of ​​northwestern Syria, the organization "No support for Erdogan" (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, eds Note) argues that Swedish material is used.

"We want and hope that Sweden will stop selling arms to Turkey," says Kamyar Ako.

In 2017, Turkey was one of the 66 countries that bought arms from Sweden, according to Swedish Peace organization. Decisions on arms exports are made by the Swedish government and evaluated on a case-by-case basis. According to government guidelines, arms exports should not be granted if a country is involved or at risk of being involved in an armed conflict or serious human rights violations in the country. In April 2018, a new law came into force, which will make sales more difficult for countries that do not meet a democratic demand.


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