Sunday , October 24 2021

Many have money in Skövde


1,090 people in Skövde have a cash register in 2018.

Photo: Izabelle Nordfjell / TT

1,090 people received unemployment benefits in the municipality of Skövde in 2018. This is 749 fewer than six years ago when unemployment was highest.

1,090 people correspond to 2.0% of the population in Skövde and place the municipality in the 169th place in Sweden's cash index last year.

It is the first time that the number of people is compiled and the municipalities ranked according to the proportion of the population that received compensation.

– We see large differences between municipalities in proportion as they received compensation from the unemployment insurance fund. Common to the whole country is that the labor market is becoming increasingly flexible and that demands for flexibility must be balanced with safety for every employee, says Tomas Eriksson, unemployment specialist for the Swedish unemployment funds, in a statement the press.

The largest share of 2018 was in Haparanda with 5.2% and the lowest participation in Kinda, Mullsjö and Nykvarn by 0.8%.

In 2018, a total of 223,873 people received unemployment benefit payments in Sweden. This corresponds to 2.2% of the population of Sweden.

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