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Lullabies from within the institution – News in Falkenberg – 24 hours a day

"Sleeping Stories Within" Now Come Halmstad. The project started in Malmo for ten years and is a collaboration between libraries and correctional services.

The project is aimed at children with parents who are in prison. Parents have the opportunity to read a fairy tale on a disk or pendrive. This is then sent home to the children along with the book so the children can attend at the same time.

Studies show that Children of parents in prison are often at greater risk of getting there. The project was designed for preventive purposes, hoping to create safer education for children. The project aims to create stronger bonds between children and their parents, helping children's language development.

"Goodnight stories from inside" had a big impact on many of the parents when they had the chance to liberate the macho culture during the meetings. It also helps many of them to have a better and closer relationship with their children.

The project works as a study circle where you meet once a week for six weeks. Parents have the opportunity to practice their reading while giving practical tips on how to develop their reading.

"We're in the middle of our first pilot project here in Halmstad and it's been great. Participating parents really do. Kristoffer Hilmersson, circle leader and unit manager at the libraries in Halmstad, in a press release.

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