LIST: Here are the technology companies that grow faster


For the 15th consecutive line, Affärsvärlden and Deloitte share a prize among the 50 fastest growing technology companies in Sweden. Some criteria are that they have been doing business in the last four years, being Swedish, and having a net turnover of at least 50,000 euros for the base year and 1 million euros for the final year.

At the top of this year, the gaming company Global Gaming grew 98,000 percent in four years – from nothing to 450 million crowns in revenue. Global Gaming is, among other things, behind the Grandstar Ninja Casino. The company was the first to come out with the so-called pay & # 39; concept. This means that you use your bank ID instead of filling out a form, depositing a debit card, and waiting several business days to make a profit.

"The players seem to have liked it, but we do not send advertising via sms or email, nor do we promote free spins or bonuses," said Joacim Möller, CEO of Global Gaming, Affärsvärlden.

The new game, which comes into effect on January 1, 2019, means an 18% tax on the company's earnings. Global Gaming has licensed two of its brands, Ninja Casino and Spellandet.

"The team now available is very common and several problems are still unclear. It will be an exciting first half with trial and error," says Joacim Möller.

Two on the list, Strossle, which grew 20,000 percent in four years, is over. The company has developed a technology that allows the media to share content with each other and thereby optimize traffic on the site. Strossle also helps advertisers with native advertising, that is, ads presented as articles.

Jens Ander, co-founder of Strossle, sees a clear trend ahead of him.

"Advertisers start thinking more like advertisers and are actively working to drive traffic to reach their business goals as advertisers begin to think more about publishers and create content to engender engagement.We as a company are in the middle of that point of fusion and we seek to direct traffic wherever it is most beneficial to all parties, "he explains to Affärsvärlden.

Readly, often described as a Spotify for the magazine industry, marketed 130 million last year and is the third on the list. Below, we compiled the 15 fastest growing companies. The complete list can be found in Affärsvärlden.

Revenues are expressed in thousands of Swedish kroner compared to 2014, and growth is expressed as a percentage.

1. Global Gaming 555: 458,042 / 467. Growth: 97,982

2. Strossle International: 99,330 / 469. Growth: 21,079

3. Readly International: 126,564 / 1,615. Growth: 7,737

4. Each Studios: 41,239 / 584. Growth: 6,961

5. Tourn International: 48,020 / 898. Growth: 5,247

6. Parkster: 154,274 / 4,885. Growth: 3,075

7. Teamtailor: 18,272 / 778. Growth: 2,248

8. Magine Holding: 53,271 / 2,279. Growth: 2237

9. One Wave: 19,953 / 893. Growth: 2,134

10. Synthetic RM: 35.645 / 1.848. Growth: 1829

11. Mentimeter: 17,510 / 934. Growth: 1,775

12. Getswish: 88,961 / 5,171. Growth: 1,620

13. Caspeco International: 11,266 / 664. Growth: 1,597

14. True: 108,307 / 6,713. Growth: 1,513

15. Serstech: 16,806 / 1,132. Growth: 1,385


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