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Linda Johansson, a skin clinic nurse who works to keep patients from getting pressure ulcers.

Photo: Image and Media / Skaraborg Hospital

The Skaraborg hospital is the best in the region to prevent pressure ulcers. Training, risk assessments and preventive measures are part of the work.

According to the national prevalence of pressure ulcers, the Skaraborg hospital, Skas, has at least the percentage of pressure ulcers that appear among hospitals in the Västra Götaland region.

Investing in education

– During 2018 and 2019, there was a focus on education mainly at the unit level. I think this is one of the explanations for the outcome, says Linda Johansson, Nurse at the skin front desk in Skas in a press release.

She is also the task leader for increased patient safety when it comes to pressure ulcers on Skas.

Reduce suffering

Through education and preventive measures in the case of pressure ulcers, patients' suffering is reduced as a pain and need for regular rescheduling.

For health care, these are financial consequences in the form of human resources, reorganization materials and complications such as infections.

A health injury

– Pressure ulcers are an injury that no patient needs to be exposed to. By increasing, disseminating, and maintaining knowledge about preventive work on pressure ulcers, cases, nutritional knowledge, and documentation, we have increased patient safety at the hospital. By preventing pressure ulcers, we reduce the patient's suffering and free up time for the patient and staff, "says Linda Johansson.

Pressure ulcers are caused by pressure and friction among other things. Reduced general condition, impaired nutritional intake and fragile skin are contributing causes to pressure ulcers.

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