Leif GW Persson sold shares of the S2 Medical course


Has actions for millions: "A GW effect"

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Today it was learned that Leif GW Persson sold all its shares in a modern plaster company.

Then everyone sold – and the course collapsed.

"I think this is dirty," says Leif GW Persson.

Leif GW Persson had already spoken warmly about the Swedish wound healing company S2 Medical. They make patches that develop a crust, and this should remain until the wound heals.

In November, the interested criminologist bought shares for about SEK 2 million, writes Affärsvärlden.

– It's a good product, in the long run, it will really be excellent. I am convinced of this, says Leif GW Persson to Aftonbladet.

1 out of 3 | Photo: nasdaq

Leif GW Persson attended when S2 Medical was listed at the end of November 2018.

GW: "so unpleasant"

On Monday, it was known that Leif GW Persson sold its entire stake in S2 Medical – 140,000 shares – to a value of SEK 3.8 million.

The shares were sold at the end of December this year and in the data of the owner who held Holdings it was possible to read that GW Persson did not have one of its shares.

Then the course fell.

S2 Medical's share has gradually increased in value in January, especially in recent days. This morning, the price was SEK 73 – compared to SEK 50 to 16.

– I think it's so crazy that I'm used for driving purposes, I think it's dirty. As soon as it became clear that I changed my stock in December, it fell, says Leif GW Persson.

Keeps actions within the family

The popular professor says he did not sell the shares – but transferred them to related parties.

– I have a number of companies available and I have related parties that have accounts and deposits and so on. Some I see the opposite – but not here, because I believe in this company.

The stock which, despite today's race, is worth considerably more than when Leif GW Persson bought them, are in the family.

"It does not matter if I or my relatives make that money," says Leif GW Persson.

The expert: "A GW effect"

Patricia Hedelius, financial reports of SvD Näringsliv, notes that many follow the movements of Leif GW Persson on the stock exchange.

– This can probably be called the GW effect unless the company has made other news during the day. He has historically had many successful stock deals when he was rewritten, so he gets a little nervous when he sells. So I think investors are reasoning, says Patricia Hedelius.

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