Leaked information reveals what's new in IOS 13


It is the Bloomberg news site that states that you have come across a lot of information on the upcoming Apple IOS 13 mobile operating system, which will be presented in more detail in connection with the WWDC developer conference, which starts on June 3. According to Bloomberg, IOS 13 should be codenamed "Yukon," and one of the main advantages is that both devices, Iphone and Ipad, will be significantly faster with the new version of the operating system. Apple also said it had fixed a number of bugs found in IOS 12. In addition, a number of interface changes were made, including animation in opening and closing applications. A number of Apple applications themselves must also have received a large face lift, not just the Health app and the Google Maps app, which should now also be able to combine third-party applications to a much greater extent.

IPad Apps on Mac OS

Apple has always wanted to play in a dark mode on IOS 13, which seems almost mandatory nowadays. It is also alleged to have attempted to introduce text entry according to the principle of theft, but it is not clear if someone chose to implement everything in IOS 13. One of the most interesting changes on the iPad page is that it will be possible with IOS 13 to use an Ipad as the second screen for a Mac computer. The Ipad should also have an updated multitasking interface. Otherwise, IOS 13 should also offer new parental controls for the screen time application, and the Imessage communication service should have been updated with, among other things, new emojis. The information must obviously be taken with a pinch of salt, since Apple has not confirmed any of them. We will only get Facit on June 3rd.


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