Leak may have revealed details of upcoming Huawei P30 phones


One does not exaggerate the slightest if one asserts that the P20 series from Huawei was a breakthrough for the Chinese manufacturer. The phones took sales to a whole new level and meant that Huawei ranked as the second largest handset maker in the world after Samsung. After that, success was also achieved with the Mate 20 series and further strengthened its position. But that the sequel to the P20 is important to Huawei, of course, of course. And now we can get a first glimpse of the phone series, which will be published in connection with an event in Paris on March 26.

7,8x optical zoom

It's the Winfuture site that posted photos on the P30 phones, which say they leak news releases. And the images confirm many of the information circulating earlier on the P30 and P30 Pro. Not least, the new phones received significantly smaller sensor panels than their predecessors. Instead of the wide panel available on P20 units, the new phones have only a small drop-shaped panel. The P30 Pro also gets curved screen edges, as does the Mate 20 Pro, and as there is no room for a fingerprint sensor (and no one seems to be housed in the cover), you can probably assume that a fingerprint sensor based on screen is in the menu. On the other hand, if the same optical sensor as the Mate 20 Pro has, or if an ultrasound-based solution is chosen, something the future can say. Both devices seem to have triple camera solutions. The usual P30 looks like the same camera setting as the Mate 20 Pro. However, there is information that the monochrome sensor has been replaced with a wide-angle lens in the P30 Pro. If one believes the text on the back of the unit, it too appears to be equipped with an impressive 7.8x optical zoom.


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