Lars Winnerbäck expects children with his wife Agnes Kittelsen


Reveals the addition: "Birth is near"

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Lars Winnerbäck will be a father again.

This time together with his wife Agnes Kittelsen.

"Delivery is close," she tells the Norwegian newspaper VG.

The stork comes to the singer Lars Winnerbäck43 years old and his wife Agnes Kittelsen38. In an interview with Norwegian VG, she confirms that they are expecting their first child together.

"Delivery is near," Kittelsen tells the paper.

Both the actress and the artist have teenage children since the previous conditions. Winnerbäck is 14 years old and Kittelsen is 12 years old.

The couple met in 2014, when Winnerbäck was introduced to the actor during the recording of the Norwegian television series "Dag."

Photo: Junge, Heiko / TT NEWS OFFICE

Agnes Kittelsen and Lars Winnerbäck.

"We met in a few beers through the Dag gang. So we met a few times, and now we're married, the artist said in an interview with VG 2017.

In secret

So she did not know who he was, but was invited to one of her shows.

"There are many things in Lars that I recognize and at the same time I feel very understood by him," Agnes Kittelsen said in "Skavlan."

The couple was secretly arrested in Katarina church in April 2016 and celebrated with stars as the Norwegian actress Henriette Steenstrup and the artist Joakim Thåström.

"Surprisingly, it works so well"

The artist rarely gives interviews, but in the pod, "The Ship" talked about their relationship as "fantastic." In an interview with Ica Courier, he described his happiness in relation to love.

"It's … It's so abstract until it happens." When they tell you that it does not work, you can easily believe that this is how it should be. It is amazing that it works so well. Maybe that's what I have to say about it, he told the newspaper.


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