Large train delays before the summer solstice – DN.SE


Accidents on several of the country's major roads have caused kilometer queues for summer vacations. Several clues had been blocked by police and rescue services arriving at accident sites.

However, around 9 pm, the situation had declined on all major roads in the country.

– Overall, the traffic is flowing very well. There were some accidents during the day, including one at E4 off Norrköping, but it was also cleaned and traffic generally continues as usual, says Martina Ressner.

Traffic can be Stressed even during the eve of the summer solstice, but probably the worst, says Martina Ressner.

"Our experience says that the worst is over, that most people choose to travel today, but there are certainly some who choose to travel in the morning. There are always risks in traffic in relation to big holidays, she says.

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In the train traffic it seems The situation, however, is bleak. At 14 hours, train traffic between Malmö and Lund was interrupted after an accident. At 19 hours, just over an hour after the preliminary deadline, trains between Malmö and Lund began to roll again, although with long delays and some canceled games.

But the most affected are the trains that run between Malmö and Stockholm. The central station in Hässleholm has been powerless since 16.40 and several trains are stationary due to the fault that must be corrected the earliest at midnight.


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