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Skane is on top with Ostergotland in terms of the number of laying hens in the country. By 2018, there were just under 7.7 million laying hens on Swedish farms, according to statistics from the Swedish Agriculture Council. There are two million laying hens compared to ten years ago.

– The egg industry has grown steadily during the 21st century, in line with rising consumption, says Åsa Lannhard Öberg in the Swedish Agriculture Council for the Siren news agency.

In terms of population, the chicken density was the highest in the past year County of Kalmar, with more than five chickens per person, this shows the compilation that the Siren news agency made on the statistics of the Swedish Council of Agriculture.

– Chickens are found in areas where cereals are grown. That is why we see a concentration on the flat villages in southern Sweden. The Swedish egg industry has built a strong brand and benefits, among other things, from protection against imports of fresh eggs from foreign herds which are not guaranteed free from salmonella. The level of self-sufficiency for eggs on the consumption side is about 90% in Sweden, says Åsa Lannhard Öberg, an agricultural policy researcher, to the Siren news agency.

– Eggs are now marketed as smart and healthy food for the climate. In addition, eggs have a relatively high market share, making it a profiling product among organic products, she tells Siren.


Facts The egg market:

* Egg consumption in Sweden was 14.7 kg per person in 2017.

* 85% of Swedish production goes directly to consumption. The rest is used in the food and pharmaceutical industry.

* The Swedish production of eggs in 2018 consisted of 68% of hens, 17% of organic production, 12% of hens in decorated cages and finally 3% of hens in the open air.

Source: Swedish Agriculture Council / Swedish Eggs

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