Judge shuts off – after stone, scissors, bag


"Not suitable and very unprofessional"

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Stone, scissors, bag.

The English football judge forgot his penny in the sleigh.

What to do?

He let the players compose themselves – in stones, scissors and purses.

It was at a meeting between Manchester City and Reading, in the highest female series of the Superliga, which determined that team would start with a ball.

Judge David McNamara had forgotten his currency and therefore was unable to make any sleds before beginning.

He then decided to let the two team captains, Steph Houghton and Kirsty Pearce, play a game of stones, scissors and purses.

"A moment of madness"

However, the solution was not appreciated by the British Football Association (FA), which chose to close McNamara for three weeks, since it is necessary that a sled be completed before starting each game.

"It was a crazy moment," FA chief Joanna Stimpson told The Times, according to the BBC.

She adds:

"He should have been more prepared, he should have his coin." It was disappointing, not appropriate and unprofessional.

David McNamara is authorized to re-judge on December 16.

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