Ivar, 83, was beaten with iron pipes – inmate


Four men arrested for abuse of torture

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For four hours, Ivar, 83, was beaten by masked men – and was seriously injured after the assault on the torture.

A suspicious room was detained now – a relative of Ivar.

"Ivar is scared and does not dare go home," says Sofie Johansson, married to Ivars's grandchildren.

On Tuesday, three men were arrested suspected of involvement in Ivar's torture abuse, 83, in Blekingska Kallinge.

They were detained suspected of attempted murder and gross robbery after they were arrested Friday night in Falkenberg.


A fourth man, arrested in his absence, showed up at a police station in Halland on Sunday.

Now he is also arrested.

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Ivar, 83, was brutally beaten at his house.

The man who is 83-year-old relative, Ivar refuses to attempt murder and gross robbery, but admits cooperation to rob, Sydöstran writes.

– This grant means that the research situation changes a bit. The man gave his version of what happened. Now let's check and set the data against the other inmates' tasks. However, in the main, the investigation of the attempted murder and gross robbery flows, which previously and the district court found probable reasons to arrest all for these crimes, prosecutor Lena-Marie Bergström tells the newspaper.

It's very bad

Since the attack on Thursday night, Ivar is in the hospital.

"He feels a lot of pain and feels a lot of pain. Now he is scared and does not want to go home, says Sofie Johansson, married to a grandson of Ivar.

It was the family who on Friday chose to talk about the Facebook event to help the police catch the suspects faster.

Ivar, after the robbery, was able to tell police that the perpetrators were screaming for money, and how he was allowed to get more blows on the head when he said there was not.

Earlier that night, the first three men were arrested after a witness spotted a car strangely parked at an address in Falkenberg. Police discovered that it was Ivar's car and found the three men who had been arrested in the house.

All four detainees have an enormous criminal history

Suspected of attempted murder in Ivar, 83

So many cases of abuse are reported every year in Sweden 00:46


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