Immortal Diablo just the beginning? Blizzard has big plans for mobile games


Advertisement Blizzcon de Immortal Devil faced by a critical storm. Blizzard certainly welcomes critics with more Devilprojects are under way but also pouring gas into the enemies of hell when Blizzard founder Allen Adham tells Digital Trends about more mobile plans.

See this as a promise or threat, but all beloved Blizzard series are in the mobile tube.

Jeg kan säga, uten å bli excessly specifik, na vi har shop planer for mobilområdet. From now on, you can start and forward the process to Blizzard customers through your mobile email address.

Was home stone which has become an eye opener, says Adham. This was done with the PC in mind, but as a "lucky chance", it was great to work on mobile formats. So count on Warcraft, Starcraft, Overwatch and so on in the pocket at some point in the future. Adham also believes that many critics can change when they can play Immortal Devil.

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