Here's the April joke of celebrities


Justin Bieber yesterday posted a picture of an ultrasound on his Instagram that sparked strong reactions from fans. Some of the companions congratulated, while others suspected. An hour later a new photo appeared showing Justin's wife Hailey Bieber be with the doctor with the text "If you thought it was an April joke". Shortly afterwards, however, it was confirmed that it was an April joke, when he published another new image with the text "Wait for it is one," APRILSKÄMT "

Justin Bieber cheated his followers on Instagram. Image Source: Instgram

Youtubern and influenza Therese Lindgren published a YouTube video yesterday, where she explains that she invested four million Swedish kronor on one hectare of arable land for the potatoes. In the video she shows her new "brand" of Therese's potato. At Instagram, his followers write "About this part of the video, so I started to realize that something was happening." Yeah, of course it was an April joke.

Therese Lindgren presents her new "brand". Image Source: Youtube

Artist Benjamin Ingrosso was not too late to catch the April joke trend. In his Instagram he published a photo of a new album cover. There he writes that he's going to release a new single on Friday. A new English version of the song "Hello Sofia," which was the first single from Benjamin and which he released when he was nine years old. "Not well or joking", comments the artist's colleague Wiktoria Johansson.

Benjamin cheated his followers with an April joke. Image Source: Instagram

And Mom would not be worse. Shortly after Benjamin's April joke on the Instagram, Mother Pernilla posted a video on her Instagram. For the video, where she sings the last single from Benjamin in Swedish, she writes: "Finally in the studio and recording new material! Soon I release a Swedish cover inspired by Benjamin Ingrosso." "Wonderful to be invited," writes a follower. "What a success!" Another writes.

Pernilla Wahlgren sings her "new" music. Image Source: Instagram

Author Camilla Läckberg published a different April joke on her Instagram yesterday. She writes that she started a collaboration with RFSU and that together they produced limited editions of sex toys. Every sex toy will have a famous quote from a book and the idea is that even in the sexual encounter, an opportunity must be found for literary education. The first three products we launch are the "Horace" vibrator, the "Jean-Claude" rabbit and the "Weinstein" anal plug. Camilla gets many positive reactions to the post. "The best joke of April of today," writes a follower.

Camilla Läckberg makes her followers think she should throw sex toys. Image Source: Instagram

Program leader and comedian David Hellenius blew his followers yesterday when he posted a photo on his Instagram. In the photo he poses with his wife Renée Nyberg It's a baby. For the photo, he writes that they have a daughter to be called Tilde De Hellenius Nyberg, something the followers did not really do. "Should not she be hot in April too?" Comments on a follower.

David Hellenius with wife Renée Nyberg tricks followers that they have become parents again. Image Source: Instagram


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