Hepatitis A outbreaks on dates are suspect – News


Cheers The outbreak of hepatitis A that has been happening since the end of February is over, according to the National Food Administration. The total number fell ill between February 26 and April 17, 11 people in eight counties, and new dates are suspected of being the top of the drama.

The source of infection at the same time was not fully established through the analyzes, but since so much time has passed since the last infection was found, the outbreak is considered terminated.

All infected eat dates from Iran, but by different brands. The National Food Administration also notes that tracking infection is difficult. It takes several weeks from the time of infection to the disease and sometimes there is no food left to analyze. In addition, the infection can be found in some of the packaging, while the rest is free of infection.

The hepatitis A virus causes hepatitis A, an inflammation that can cause jaundice.


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