Goats stared at their neighbors when they dined-farmers were forced to move the fence


The farmer: "Goats are curious and loving animals"

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Three goats caused disorder in a village near Säffle.

A neighbor complained that the goats can stand and look through their windows as they sit and eat.

"I think it's all very exaggerated," says farmer Staffan Nordgren, who now has to move the fence.

The municipality of Säffle made a decision on the matter last week.

The cover with the goats should be removed. The distance should be at least 20 meters up to the neighbor who has a holiday home on their site.

Staffan Nordgren has just returned the paper with the injunction and has not yet decided how to react. But he says he laughs more in everything as in self-defense for the time being.

"I'm not a bad person, but I was produced like that," he tells Aftonbladet.

He says there are many other problems behind his goats being notified.

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Farmer Staffan Nordgren.

"Health inconvenience"

Staffan says that the boundary of the neighboring property, which once belonged to his grandfather, almost crosses the wall to what used to be a shed and chicken coop. He says he was also in contact with the Lantmäteriet to get the border, but the neighbor did not want to get involved and therefore did not get rid of.

Staffan admits he had his goats in the yard next to his neighbor. It is argued in the letters that there is a great risk that animals will become a sanitary nuisance, "since goats can cause serious odor problems when they urinate." This means that it is a pointless exaggeration.

"It's just the dollar that smells brown." But I had three females that do not explode and almost nothing smells like them. I do not have a tick, I've never had a tick.

"They are curious and loving"

Is there anything special about their goats, are they particularly curious about their neighbors?

"Well, but goats are very sociable and very nice animals. They are wonderfully cool. They were so loving and sociable, so, of course, they wondered what was there. Nothing strange about that. Goats are simply very personal and dare to be men.

The claim that the three goats should be looking out the window when the neighbor sits down and eats, he does not give much. He says the neighbor has almost never been there and that they intend to sell the house.

Staffan Nordgren also talks about other conflicts with the neighbor and has reached a point where he decided.

– I sold the goats. I did it on January 14th! I can not have it like this. I thought: So they can not do more to me, neither the neighbors nor the county.

What is now true is that straw and fertilizer must also be removed from the garden before March 25.

The complaining neighbor does not want to comment.


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