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Gekås joyful start – receives help from Glenn

It's Sunday that the first half of 2019 is over.

But now Gekås already reveals that the growth of the previous year continues.

It will be eight percent when the semester is added up.

Boris Lennerhov, CEO, tells the Market that Glenn Strömberg's clothing collection has been a success and therefore a contributing cause. The new investment in outdoor furniture has also been made.

Strong start

Now Gekås is in the midst of its high season – the summer.

– July and August are the months when we have more visitors, although sales are better in October and November when people buy winter clothes and Christmas gifts. Average purchases are lower during the summer, Lennerhov tells the market.

Glenn Strömberg.


He also says he would be pleased even if growth ends at five percent instead of eight when the summer season ends.

A lot happens in Gekås. Recently they announced their collaboration with the Petter Stordalen hotel guide – a gigantic investment in a large hotel with more than 200 rooms. The hotel, which will be ready in 2023, will be located in Varberg, in a district which will be called Västerport.

"Extremely similar"

"Petter thinks he and I are extremely similar. We met each other. In terms of business, we are very similar and we can say that it is about daring, having passion and wanting. Although Stordalen had my crush on him three times, Lennerhov told GT when the deal became known.

Petter Stordalen previously stated that the TV series "Ullared," which airs on Channel 5, is his favorite show.

Petter Stordalen has business with Gekås.


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