Full Time Jobs Should Help Social Council – Flen


The municipality of Flens started the project "Full time as a standard", which was tested in the social administration with the ambition to include all activities of the municipality.

"Full time is an important issue for social security employers, and more and more public employees are working full time.To address the challenges of wellness recruitment, it is crucial that more employees work full time" , writes in a press release.

Daniel Ljungkvist (S), chair of the social welfare committee, says the project will result in, among other things, home care services for a more even distribution of the day, that employees will receive better schedules with less stress and fewer allowances and fewer medical licenses.

"We need to provide more stable staff, better continuity, secure employment and a balanced economy. We know we are not there yet, but it is our absolute ambition that all employees feel the effects in the near future," says Ljungkvist. in the press release.

According to the first preliminary report this year to the social welfare committee, the costs to consultants have been reduced considerably compared to last year. The forecast is that throughout the year there will be a note of 3 million consultants – which can be compared to 20 million last year.

No job stop is no longer valid since May 20.


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