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It was mainly the heat and drought that caused the damage to the forest south of Sweden increased sharply in 2018. However, spruce bark attacks destroyed more forest than the summer fires. Show Forest Agency Compilation of injuries 2018.

– Drought and heat have had major consequences and caused a number of damage to the forest, which corresponds to billions for forest owners in southern Sweden. But the more we focus our resources now is to limit the attacks of the spruce tree bark that may be even worse this year if the summer gets dry and hot, he says. food Carlendamage coordinator Forest Agency regions south, where Östergötland, Västra Götaland, Jönköping, Kalmar, Halland, Kronoberg, Blekinge and Skåne are included in a press release.

In total, the pine bit is expected destroyed 3-4 million cubic meters of forest in Sweden in 2018 – is considerably more than the summer fires that damaged just over 2 million cubic meters.

– Forest owners should now be aware and look in connection with known attacks from the previous year as well as on new stock ledges. If you find an attack, report it immediately to the crop, Mats Carlén says.

Increased forest damage at the national level in 2018:

Fir bark drill: 3-4 million cubic meters

Forest fires: 2.1 million cubic meters (23,000 hectares)

Multi-damaged forest in northern Sweden: approximately 100,000 hectares

(multi-damaged forest is the term for young forest, primarily pine forest, which was affected by fungal diseases and damage to grazing at the same time)

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