Fire in the store of Ica in Luleå – public notice


Emergency, ambulance and police services were alerted to Kallkällan in central Luleå due to the development of heavy smoke in a grocery store, police write on its website.

"We got a call from more than one person saying that there was a strong development of smoke in a grocery store in Kallkällan in Luleå," says Adam Dahlberg, internal commander of the rescue service in Norrbotten.

Fire witnesses first stated that the shop lights were on when the fire began and the rescue service sent divers to see if anyone was in the building.

"But we had to stop it because it was a very strong fire," says Adam Dahlberg.

The public is warned of smoke in Luleå

There are several apartment blocks around the fire, but currently it is not possible to vacate the accommodation.

"Now we step back and simply let the building burn under controlled forms and prevent spread to nearby buildings," says Dahlberg.

A so-called VMA, an important message to the public, was issued. The rescue officer asks people in the vicinity to enter and close doors, windows and ventilation, according to P4 Norrbotten.

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