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Berit Lidell and Henrik Hedin of the Skövde Film Festival are pleased to be a film festival weekend.
Photo: Sara Nordqvist

"It's obviously sad that it's just the 25th time we have to settle in," says Henrik Hedin, repertory manager.

The Skövde Filmfestival is an ideal association with eight council members and although the council's compromise according to Henrik Hedin and Berit Lidell is large, it is not enough to bring together the film festival that the association desired and planned. The jubilee should therefore be put on ice until further notice.

"We are very few people and the work is getting too heavy," explains Berit Lidell, chairman of the board.

There were many in the association who were disappointed when they were informed. However, it is not the first time the festival has been put on ice, and the association is set for the 25th festival to come out, not just this year.

The films to be screened during the weekend of the film are, however, removed from the list made before the anniversary and Henrik Hedin, who is in charge of the repertoire, is very satisfied with the eleven films selected. On Friday, the film festival begins with the controversial film Young Astrid, followed by talks between psychiatrist Håkan Andersson, Ylva Petterson's future advice in Skara and author Emma Hamberg.

In collaboration with the Gothenburg Film Festival, film teachers from Gothenburg on Saturday morning will organize a film workshop for children born between 2004 and 2009. Children will, as a group, help the iPads create films that will appear like prefilms on Sunday.

The association tests tickets for the first time on the web, where you can book tickets for each individual movie. However, to visit most of the film festivals, known as "closed visions", you need to get a membership card.

"We hope, of course, that it will attract more people to remain members," says Berit Lidell.


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