EU wants to ban meat names for vegetarian food


More and more people are choosing to eat vegetarian and the free meat market is booming like never before. With increasing demand, store-based supply on store shelves became more widespread. Several products try to mimic traditional meat dishes in taste, appearance and name.

But soon you may have eaten your last vegetarian burger – at least if the European Parliament's agricultural committee is allowed to decide.

Soy sausage should not be called sausage

80 percent of members voted for a proposal that vegetarian products should not be called names indicating dishes that originally contained meat. He reports Brussels Times. Before the ban becomes law, the European Parliament as a whole must vote in favor of the proposal.

The committee believes that phytotherapeutic product names containing words such as "hamburger," "sausage," "steak," and "raft" may be misleading to consumers.

The proposal has drawn criticism from various sectors. No less important of the animal rights organizations, which means that the meat industry would have a finger in the game.

Several are critical

The members of the Committee on Agriculture also asked for the proposal.

– The suspicion is that it comes from the panicky meat industry that young people are quitting eating meat, says Molly Scott Cato, a member of the Agriculture Committee belonging to The Green group, The Guardian.

– It's a clear indication that they're worried that their market will be weakened – and that's a good sign. There does not seem to be much demand from consumers.

Eric Andrieu, a member of the Group of the Progressive Alliance of Social Democrats, tells the Brussels Times that the meat industry has nothing to do with it.

– It's about common sense for consumers. We should use the word steak for a real steak.


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