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Emilie Stordalen on taking over after Petter Stordalen

It was in January last year that famous hotel tycoon Petter Stordalen, 56, wrote about his company Strawberry Holdings AS for his children.

99.99 percent of the company's shares were then divided into equal shares for the children Emilie, Henrik and Jakob.

Assets were valued at SEK 25.7 billion.

Emilie, 27, who currently works as a marketing manager at a newly opened hotel in Oslo, recently visited the "Under Fifteen" podcast.

Petter Stordalen along with his daughter Emilie, 27.


"A more difficult task"

In the podcast, she told of the great responsibility of taking office after her successful father.

– It's impressive. What is very important and that we are discussing a lot with my father and brothers is the focus on the fact that we inherit a great economic value, but what is even more important are the values ​​that we inherit. I think in many ways it is a more difficult task to take on, she says.

She says in the podcast that she is in many ways a copy of her father, but that she is at the same time quieter than a person. "A little less confetti and glitter," she calls herself.

Petter Stordalen wrote about his fortune for the children.


At the same time, she is clear that she wants to manage her father's success in her own way.

Do not just copy what he did.

– If you start struggling to be like a parent, I do not think you can do a good job because he is very unique. If we want to be successful, I need to find my own place in the company and he has his own, and our dynamics are also good, she says in the podcast.

"Being humble is important"

When asked how she approaches the position, since she is still young and has things to learn, she says,

"To be humble, I think it's very important. I am very young and there are many smart people who work in the company. You should hear the talented employees that exist, she says.

A few weeks ago it became public that Emilie Stordalen and the Swedish Jens Bredberg, 36, are a couple.

This after they came to the opening of the new hotel of Stordalen, The Hub, together.

Petter, Gunhild, Emilie Stordalen and Jens Bredberg on the red carpet.


Jens Bredberg grew up in Alingsås a few miles from Gothenburg, but has lived in Norway for 14 years.

"It's a bit of a cliché that I found myself inside the company," Emilie Stordalen told VG.

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