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Working with Disney has its advantages and disadvantages, says the development team at Square Enix after "Kingdom Hearts 3" has been completed.

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The game lends new worlds to popular Disney and Pixar movies such as "Frost," "Toy Story," and "Pirates of the Caribbean," but has its own storyline that revolves around the protagonist Sora who is in adventures with Kalle Anka and LĂ„ngben, among others. .

Disney dissatisfied with hair

In an interview with IGN, Japanese developers talk about collaboration with film studios. For the first time, Square Enix has been able to take advantage of the characters' digital models, having previously taken them out of the movies of the previous games in the series. But the models are made for film and lack, for example, joints that are necessary for them to move in the game.

Another problem was "Frost" – Elsa's hair, which rocks beautifully in the movies, but was static in the model.

Whatever we did, it did not feel right, it always seemed a little strange and Disney was not happy about it, says Toru Yamazaki, who is responsible for the game's appearance, for IGN.

It ended up having to simply redo the hair from scratch. Disney and Pixar also had opinions about, for example, the average sequences.

Will Sora figure in the movies?

We were asked "we want them to show less teeth", or "the eyebrows should move differently" or "the direction of the look is not right". Of course, in the interim sequences, a lot of the personality of the figures of the game is coming, so it was something that we put a lot of time and effort into and adjusted to the trivial level, "said cheerleader Kayoko Yajima to the site.

The managers of Pixar's "Toy Story" did not allow the creators of "Kingdom Hearts" to change anything in the original movies for the game. The solution was that the sequence of the game happens between films two and three.

But that also means that what's happening in the game now is also included in the movie universe. Therefore, it is not impossible that Sora appears in any way in the future "Toy story 4", according to IGN.


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