Édouard Louis: "The class has always been about masculinity"


LThe and Select, near Montparnasse, is one of the legendary cafes of Paris. It's in Hemingway's "The Sun Has Its Time," and Isadora Duncan threw a saucer around the room, irritated by the verdict, in a trial of two American anarchists. However, tourists do not find to the point that they have managed to chase away contemporary cultural workers. He is today the author of the public room of Édouard Louis, where he meets his gunmen Didier Eribon and Geoffroy de Lagasnerie for dinner whenever possible.

"Simone de Beauvoir often came here." Michel Foucault and Hervé Guibert. You know, beautiful ghosts. I love coming here and being surrounded by them. This is a place where you can order coffee, sit and read for five hours, one of the few remaining in Paris, says Édouard Louis as we sit at the table in one of the cafe's back rooms.


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