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"Difficult to go to Sabuni for a party"

It was difficult but on Tuesday Erik Ullenhag announced that he was jumping as party leader in the Liberals – and congratulated his opponent at the same time

Nyamko Sabuni. Therefore, there will be no sharp vote in the National Assembly on Friday.

Linda Nordlund, executive director of Expressen and also former president of the Young Liberals Association, Luf, notes in the new section of Policy pulpit with Malin Roos that the message was expected.

"It is possible that Ullenhag called a representative, but he realized that mathematics does not go together.

This shows that many of the liberals see themselves as bourgeois and prefer to vote for a PM rather than a Social Democrat.

The words of Erik Ullenhag on departure

"The risk is that the division will increase if I continue my application", wrote Ullenhag in a discussion article on Aftonbladet, but the fall is probably about saving one's future career in politics, says Linda Nordlund.

– If you become a worthy loser then you can be seen for an important position in the future, perhaps during the next party leader. I do not think Nyamko is the first to offer Ullenhag a ministerial post.

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– The party looks unified, Nyamko Sabuni was named by 19 of the 21 county federations, but many county federations are split. Responsiveness will be required.

"Many are broken in L"

Expressen's political reporter, Niklas Svensson, who is also a guest in the studio, believes there is another who is as much on the message as Ullenhag's supporters.

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"Many are broken in L, but so is Stefan Löfven. This fall, the budget will be negotiated and he intended to sit there with Erik Ullenhag, who is positive about the cooperation and agreement of January. Proper headache for the Prime Minister of Sweden, says Niklas Svensson, who believes that Nyamko Sabuni will be mentioning the Alliance in his first leading party in Almedalen next week.

"There will be some sort of line speech about the liberal path ahead. Moderates can probably attract the morning air.

Balance sheet year

In the Political Pod of the week, large financial statements are also made throughout the year of the politician. Linda Nordlund and Niklas Svensson point out this year's winners and losers, the failures and tops and the worst scandals. Linda Nordlund notes that it was her mother's piglets and "the years of greedy women" and pointed her number one on the scandal list.

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Expressen reporter and profile Niklas Svensson, who has his 19th political week in Almedalen ahead of him, shares a favorite note about the former minister who tried to climb the fence to the pub in Visby.

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