Design patents shine on how the Samsung Galaxy S10 might look like


A phone whose front part consists of almost 100% of the screen space seems to be the wet dream for most phone manufacturers, but how to succeed is nobody who has come this far. But if the new patent that Samsung has applied for is something to continue, then the next Galaxy S10 will be at least very close. The patent shows future models of phones with the Infinity-O screen that Samsung presented at its developers conference last week, where, instead of a sensor panel, it was decided to put the camera in the hole of the screen. In combination with a fingerprint sensor below the screen glass, the next to the full screen area is a fact.

Various variants

In the patent application, there are certainly many different design variants represented, but the two variants that really stand out are called Model A and Model B, both with the small cutout for the camera and, in addition, offer a huge screen that goes up to the edges of all pages. Both variants have rounded corners, but the Model A has slightly narrower curves than the Model B. The latter resembles more the current Galaxy S9. Samsung should announce the Galaxy S10 in early 2019 and would be undeniably cool if it looked like any of the design variants applied.


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