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The proposal that was discussed during the town council meeting on Wednesday in Staffanstorp was presented by Christian Sonesson (M), chairman of the city council. The proposal states, among other things, that the return of EI terrorists is not welcome in the municipality of Staffanstorp, and that they will not receive support from the municipality in any form.

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"The municipality will not pay support contributions, housing assistance, adult education or otherwise contribute to community service," states the proposal.

Pierre Sjöström (S), the opposition council in Staffanstorp, criticizes Sonesson's proposal.

"Populist proposal"

It is a very populist proposal because the Moderates of the municipality have already proposed proposals for, for example, not to say a prayer or to serve halal meat. It's the policy of the signal you're after, he says.

Christian Sonesson assumes that there is a large majority for the proposal in the City Council that will take a position on this at the next meeting.

I do not know what he puts into the concept of sign policy, but if he believes it's a signal to lawmakers that something needs to be changed, I am grateful, says Christian Sonesson, that he has no information that people who have joined the It's place or on the way to Staffanstorp.

No, thank God. But it's not about that, it's about being prepared for situations that you may face. It is also important to make future-oriented decisions.

No support

The researchers also criticized the proposal and believe it has no legal support. Moa Kindström Dahlin, senior lecturer in public law at Uppsala University, refers to the Social Services Act to which all municipalities are bound.

The Social Services Act defines laws and conditions for those who can receive support and other support from society. Although the council is voting on it, I would be extremely surprised if a welfare committee chooses to make decisions under municipal guidelines instead of following the law, says Moa Kindström Dahlin to TT.

If the social welfare committee in Staffanstorp still chooses to do so, the case goes to court, she says.

No judicial body goes against the Social Services Act, she says.

You have the right to request

Tapio Salonen, professor of social work at the University of Malmö, calls the proposal "trams".

There is no legal basis to prevent these people from seeking support. Of course, these people must be legally tried according to all common means, but if they are supposedly moving to Staffanstorp and seeking support, they have the right to do so.

Christian Sonesson "observed the debate" and says that he does not intend to violate the current legislation.

If you support legislation that makes implementation impossible, we will take it to the Riksdag so they can respond if they think it is reasonable. But of course we want it to be implemented in practice, that is our ambition.

The TT sought moderates at the national level who declined to comment.


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