Thursday , April 22 2021

Delicious Samsung PM: We are in crisis

It is The Korea Herald who said he received an internal message from Samsung's mobile manager, Koh Dong-jin, commonly called DJ Koh, where he uses the word crisis to describe the situation.

You may not want to put too much weight on the crisis of the word. Samsung posted a quarterly record after record quarters, and the company also has the "constant crisis" doctrine, which means you should never feel comfortable because everything is fine, always be prepared for the floor to disappear under your feet at any time . However, the message of recollection from The Korea Herald still indicates that content is not just an internal jargon.

In the announcement, the mobile manager, criticized by the company's vice president (and leader in practice), Lee Jae-yong, apologizes personally for the cell phone division being in crisis. The top-of-the-line Galaxy S9 and Note 9 models are reliable, but have not reached any sales record, but above all, Samsung's cheaper A and J series have found it difficult to meet the competition from Huawei and Xiaomi.

In the message, Koh writes that he will do his best to overcome the crisis "with the upcoming Galaxy 10 and folding cell phones". This statement can be interpreted as meaning that the Galaxy S10 will be called just Galaxy 10, but could also be an internal term.

By the end of the year, Samsung is often agitated by staff and organization, and the message may be a sign that the mobile manager is loosening up. According to The Korea Herald, many believe that it is their top management behind the problems, preventing many innovations and new ideas from arising. It is also written that there is a bad mood in the mobile division after criticism received to not be innovative enough.

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