Darksiders 3 is beautiful oldschool – but far from perfect


When US game publisher THQ was forced to hit the gates after years of economic worry, we drew a lot of brands, which we never thought we should see again. Swedish businessman Lars Wingefors had other plans. In 2014, his company acquired the rights of THQ, but already before encountering a lot of marks from the ruins of the fired publisher.

It is through the purchase we now have here with the Darksiders III. The original team that worked with the two previous parts of the estimated series certainly also hit again, but Gunfire Games, which is behind this game, consists largely of the old Vigil Games.


Self-esteem and humor

Gunfire Games has dismantled The Legend of Zelda Layout for a look more like Metroidvania, where you, in the true tradition of the genre, explore an open world and gain new skills that take you to places that were previously unavailable. The action revolves around Fury – one of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse – who is charged with killing the seven deadly sins. Like its predecessors, Gunfire Games takes on the religious theme in an almost comical way, with lots of self-distance and humor. Or at least try humor, the script is rarely so well written that we really do.

Quick Battles

Even playing mechanically, it's a familiar melody, with a few exceptions. Fury is, above all, much more acrobatic than previous heroes, with the result that battles are faster with more focus on defenses. When you find enemies easier, it is usually just to hammer any attack button, but against a more difficult resistance, it is necessary to press R1 to pair. If this is done at the right time, you will have an advantage in the form of stronger attacks for a short period of time.

The rage also has an aggrômetro, that grows gradually as the enemies fall. When this is complete, it is possible to release a special attack for a short period, which causes extra damage. And as you progress, you also gain access to different types of elements that can be used to advance in the world and in the struggles themselves.


Dark Souls Inspiration

In addition, Gunfire Games was inspired by the recent Dark Souls wave. Fallen enemies leave behind the coin, which you can use to raise the level or buy items. In the old and good tradition of Souls, you lose the coin when you die, but if you can get back to the same place, you get it back.

Likewise, the challenge is also spoiled. Common enemies rarely pose big problems, but bosses often require you to study their standards before you have a chance. With that being said, Darksiders III is far from as difficult as the Dark Souls series, but it is probably noticed that the Gunfire Games have popped up once and twice in that direction.

However, you do not have the same fingertips, like From Software. Darksiders III is a very fun game with high paced and constant variation – but would have been nice for a few more months in development. Here, graphic errors are seen here and where, the sound is cut from time to time and the loading times are very long and occur on strange occasions. Neither is the image updated all the time.


Worth a larger budget

To continue on the negative path, the environments are something apart. Get carried away by your mind, but after ten o'clock the dark gray environment will be a bit boring. The design of the band in general is also not very grandiose, but consists mostly of smaller spaces that give a somewhat claustrophobic feel. On some occasions, there are runners that lead to deadlines, and can not be criticized, except that Darksiders III has not been tested enough.

It seems therefore that the budget was not really as high as it should have been. Overall, it is clear that Gunfire Games may be your Darksiders formula. It's easy to sit down as a stick in front of this and continue exploring the huge gaming world by the end of the hours. Several bosses are not only good at fighting, they also offer subtle dialogue and memorable character design. And the appearance a bit cheeky though – the story of Fury is interesting and exciting.


In summary, Darksiders III does not learn the top of any list of the best games of the year. On the other hand, it is found in a mall that we rarely see more in the gaming industry, which makes Darksiders III an action game of the Playstation 3 era. It is more direct than many of the competitors, with a philosophy that everything does not need be so perfect all the time. Entertainment before detailing, if you want. At a time when the rest of the industry is busy detailing the animation work in Red Dead Redemption 2, it really feels a little release.

Darksiders III Facts

genre: action adventure
developer: THQ Nordic
editor: Gunfire Games
Format: Pc, Playstation 4, Xbox One
Format tested: Playstation 4 (Pro)
throw: November 27


Good pace.
Lovely forest battles.

any less

Many technical problems.
Sad band design bitwise.


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