Wednesday , June 16 2021

Cristina Stenbeck does not apply for re-election in Kinnevik

Cristina Stenbeck is not eligible for re-election to Kinnevik's board, according to a press release.

Susanna Campbell and Brian McBride are proposed as new members.

Erik Mitteregger and Mario Queiroz also decided not to run for re-election to the Council.

Cristina Stenbeck was in Kinneviks board since 2003, when she was elected vice president. During the period 2007-2016, she was chairman of the board and then a member.

"Cristina Stenbeck is coming continue to support business and exert influence on important strategic issues in their role as an active owner. She will also continue to lead the work of the Nominating Committee along with her partners, "Kinnevik writes.

The Nominating Committee will propose former Rato CEO Susanna Campbell who Di previously revealed, and Brian McBride, to new members.

After being fired from Ratos, Susanna Campbell, among other things, was elected to the board of Northvolt. She was also a board member of industrial wholesaler Indutrade and investment firm Lundbergs.

Since 2016, Susanna Campbell is also a member of Telia – competitor of Tele 2, where Kinnevik is the main owner. On Friday morning, the announcement is that she will leave Telia's council immediately, which Di pointed out earlier this week.

"Susanna Campbell for bring with them the experience of private investments in various stages in sectors such as e-commerce, health and TMT. Susanna also accepted to be chair of the Compensation Committee of the Board and member of the Audit Committee of the Board, "writes Cristina Stenbeck, chair of the Nominating Committee.

She also notes that Brian McBride gives Kinnevik a member with "an exceptional operational experience in e-commerce and TMT, with experience from companies like ASOS, Amazon and T-Mobile."

"The board is eager to take advantage of the ideas of Brian McBride, who he won during his excellent career," writes Cristina Stenbeck.

The Kinnevik Annual General Meeting will be held on May 6.

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