Cow is trapped in manure just outside Ålem near Mönsterås


The emergency service was alerted to the cone at eleven o'clock in the morning of Easter, writes the Barometer.

The cow descended into the four-meter-deep pit in Tålebo, near Mönsterås.

"The cow is in the background, so it feels good and we have staff there now, too, to try to save her," says Tobias Josefsson, an internal rescue officer in Mönsterås, Högsby and Oskarshamn for the newspaper.

Tractor Backhoe Loader

The rescue service brings with it special lifting brackets to lift the cow.

– There is always a small problem with the gases and there is a risk of oxygen deficiency, but as it is such a large well, it should go well, says Tobias Josefsson to the Barometer.

In connection with the actual lifting of the cone, the rescue service will use a backhoe.


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