China investigates critics after alleged genetic engineering


On YouTube, he told Jianku that he
edited a genius in twin foster. With the help of so-called crispr technology, they should have broken a gene and changed the genome to make children resistant to HIV. The twin's father is infected with HIV and the operation is known to protect the child from the virus.

He was received with massive criticism because it is forbidden in the vast majority of countries to change the human genome in a massive way and also to allow the changed embryo to become an individual.

Chinese authorities has now launched an investigation into the researcher saying that they are deeply concerned about research, reports, among other things
The Guardian and
Sky News.

At the same time, the university says where He Jianku works because he does not know his research and that He Jianku has been vacant since February 2018, and will be there until 2021.

"This research was led by researcher He Jianku out of school," the university said in a statement, according to
The Guardian.

The university calls Him Jianku's search for a "serious overthrow".

He Jianku also showed no evidence that his research really exists. How he approaches criticism is unknown because it has become unreal since criticism began to call it.

Scientists in China claim to have changed people


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