Charlotte Brontë hair found in hair band – Culture & fun


literature A hairlock that was stuck in an old hair band, with "high probability" belonged to author Charlotte Brontë, writes The Guardian.

The hair band appeared in the last section of "English Antiquity" which went to Erddig in North Wales. Within the hair band, the name of the author of "Jane Eyre" is recorded along with the year 1855, the year that Brontë died.

There is really no reason to doubt that it is Charlotte Brontë's hair. In the 19th century it was customary to make hair jewelry. There was the fear of forgetting the face and personality of the dead, says Geoffrey Munn, one of the program's experts.

The official Bronze Society, which runs the Museum Brontë Parsonage Museum, says the hair band and the covers are probably authentic and would be a wonderful addition to the museum's collection.

We already have lots of Brontë hair, which is usually displayed somehow.

According to Geoffrey Munn, the hair band and caps are worth the equivalent of SEK 241,000.


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