Cartier opens a flagship store of 200 square meters in Sweden


During an exclusive event at the Stockholm Opera in September, the press and select people from the industry had the opportunity to look more closely at the next store using VR technology, where you entered the store guided by a porter. And now it is finally time to open the concept store: November 8, the luxury jeweler opened in Stockholm.

Sneak peek at the new Stockholm store in Norrmalmstorg.

As soon as you enter the shop in Smålandsgatan in Norrmalmstorg, the tone of the experience is set with a decorative panel wall, where a panther has been cut into a lock of relief. And it truly is an experience to visit the flagship store of the French luxury brand. The interior of the store is a combination of Swedish references and the jeweler's own concept, reflecting the interaction between Cartier and Scandinavia: the creative expression of the house in perfect harmony with the Nordic influences of the store. The atmosphere is both intimate and sophisticated, with many Cartier signature panels at the entrance and the decoration of the Côtes de Genève in the clocks.

As a last touch, Cartier has created an exclusive meeting point in its shop in Stockholm, where customers can have a cup of coffee. An opportunity to experience the warm atmosphere of Cartier, emphasized by the soft lighting, the combination of materials and decorative accessories.

The Panthère de Cartier watch is as current today as it was when it was released in the 1980s.

The combination of strength and softness creates the emotion that characterizes Cartier's aesthetic balance. These flora-inspired gems do not fit into any category – they give their own definition of beauty. So Cartier describes his own design, and the description is not difficult to understand when looking at, for example, P inanthère de Cartier, which is more like a piece of jewelry, launched during the 80's, but today is so current. The same applies to the classic watchmaker Santos de Cartier as created by Louis Cartier in 1904.

Tasteful and exclusive. Photo: Cartier.

The pantern is the signature of Cartier. Photo: Cartier.

Anrika Cartier was founded in Paris in 1847 by Louis François Cartier. Thereafter, his grandchildren Louis, Pierre, and Jacques laid the foundations for what will later be Cartier jewelry in the early 1900s. The gems also created great attention among European royal houses, and later became court suppliers, including the Swedish royal house.

On 8 November, Cartier opened the entry doors of its 200 square meter concept store in Smålandsgatan 8 in Stockholm.

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