Cargo trains were traced in Ånge – wagon dangers falling from the bridge


The derailment must have taken place at 5 pm in Ånge.

According to the emergency services, it is a wooden train that has been tracked.

"We have staff there, but mostly to block. The train runs the risk of overturning, says Henrik Cedergren, an internal rescue officer at Medelpad.

Motorway 83 to Ånge is closed and emergency services have also established barriers in the area.

"It's a long train of wood, but the locomotive is in danger of turning into any house," says Henrik Cedergren.

Several residential buildings were evacuated, writes Aftonbladet.

No person should be injured.

Cargo trains traced in Ånge – risk of overturning in homes

Magnus Edlund lives in the area and first noticed that something happened when the rescue service arrived.

– I live 50 meters from the railroad. The diesel locomotive went very far, so she was tracked down and leans slightly down toward the houses next to her, she says, and continues:

– There are many who are curious, but they blocked a lot and the road is blocked. You do not come so close now. There are many people, the whole village is moving, you can tell.

Magnus Edlund further explains that he sees several fire trucks, ambulances and police cars. The Swedish Transport Administration has staff on site.

"The locomotive is turning, so we have to stabilize it first." There will be a recovery of this, says Beisi Sundin, press contact at the Swedish Transport Administration.

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The accident led to delays in train traffic.

– Travelers traveling with Norrtåg between Sundsvall and Ånge can catch a bus between Erikslund and Ånge, says Beisi Sundin.

Instead, the SJ trains will be redirected. The Swedish Transport Administration can not send a forecast at this time.

"It depends on how easy this rescue is or it becomes complicated. It's hard to say, but it will probably take some time to get there, says Beisi Sundin.

The Swedish Transport Administration can not comment on what could have caused the accident.

"We look at these things very carefully. It will take some time before we have time to analyze all the details of what may have caused this, says Beisi Sundin.


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