Cancer Screening Kills 100 a Year – New Research on Hpv Vaccine for Boys


Cancer screening continues to increase markedly among men

The HPV vaccine for boys may become a reality, now the Public Health Authority is investigating what the new vaccine means for boys. By 1 April, the investigation must be completed.

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Cancer screening is increasing significantly – especially in men.

A year and a half ago, the Public Health Authority has made a basis for the government to start vaccinating the boys as well.

"We've already discovered that pharyngeal cancer is increasing rapidly," says Dr. Adam Roth.


Adam Roth, MD and Head of the Vaccine Unit Program of the Public Health Authority.

He is a physician and unit manager of the Vaccine Unit Program of the Public Health Authority and has participated in documentation from the Ministry of Social Affairs that boys should be included in the program of vaccination against HPV, human papillomavirus.

– The cancer of selection is the cancer related to the HPV that increases more. It also has to do with sexual behavior. It takes many years of the cancer infection, so the change may have occurred 20 to 30 years ago, he says.

The most important cancer caused by HPV is cancer of the cervix.

"But in our investigation, we looked at another cancer caused by HPV. In general, these include cervical cancer, genital cancer in men and women, anal cancer in men and women, and pharyngeal cancer in men and women. These cancers are found in both sexes.

– Women who get cancer of the cervix are usually between 40 and 45 years old. If you look at pharyngeal cancer, the highest frequency is between those between 60 and 70 years. This also applies to genital and anal cancer. It's a completely different age profile, says Adam Roth.

Great difference between the sexes

There is also a big difference between the sexes when it comes to throat cancer, more than twice as many men as women suffer.

Cancer of choice is absolutely dominant among men. Overall, we had 320 cases of HPV cancer among men. 200 cases were throat cancer, 40 cases of anal cancer and 80 cases of genital cancer.

– For women, there were 86 cases of throat cancer, 95 cases of anal cancer and 60 cases of genital cancer.

Do those who are a little too old for free vaccination go away and get vaccinated for several thousand dollars?

– For the individual, it may always be worthwhile to vaccinate. But hpv is like a pelvic cold, it's something that all sexually active people get. At the program level, it's absolutely important that you get it before the sexual debut for it to take effect, says Adam Roth.

There is now a new vaccine with more HPV types starting in the vaccination program for girls this fall.

– Those that mainly cause cancer are types 16 and 18 of HPV, they are included in the vaccine used in the program today. But in the new vaccine, another five varieties of HPV are included. They provide protection against seven types of HPV that cause cancer.

New research

But even so, a decision on vaccines for boys is late. On Friday, the government instructed the Public Health Authority to investigate what the new vaccine means for the boys.

"The task is to be completed by April," says Adam Roth.

Rasmus Jonlund, spokeswoman for health region councilor Anna Starbrink (L), criticizes the fact that a decision on the HPV vaccine is delayed:

– It is bad for boys and men who do not get a vaccine against a potentially fatal disease, and for girls who are also at risk of being infected by HPV. Men who have sex with men today are not part of the protection either. It is an unequal care, he writes in an email to Aftonbladet.

This is hpv

HPV, human papillomavirus, is a very common virus found in over one hundred different types. Some types can cause cell changes that, in unusual cases, can lead to cancer, such as in the cervix, genitals and throats. Other types of HPV can cause warts, usually on the hands and feet. In addition, there are some types that can cause warts on the abdomen, the so-called condylomas.

Symptoms of hpv

  • About 350 cases of pharyngeal cancer are detected each year and about 100 people die. Cancer screening is the fastest growing type of cancer in Sweden. Most people who get the disease are between 60 and 70 years old.
    • A sign may be prolonged hoarseness without having any infection or see any other clear explanation for the symptom. But hoarseness is a common symptom that often does not mean cancer.
    • If you find a lump, wart or wound inside the oral cavity or lips that does not fade after a few weeks, care should be taken to have the change examined. You should also seek care if you have difficulty swallowing, eating, and chewing, or if you have a lump in your throat that does not go away. One can also give a knot in the neck that does not donate.

  • An otolaryngologist should examine you if the doctor you know first suspects that you may have cancer or any other disease that requires specialized care.

  • In some cases, when the tumor is large or in a hard-to-reach location, permanent treatment problems may occur. You may, for example, find it difficult to swallow or speak. At times, one may have to operate the entire larynx and then one can no longer speak as one has done before. Instead, an inoperative voice valve is obtained.

Source:, Aftonbladet


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